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Donna Jorna is a versatile artist whose creative pursuits encompass the realms of painting and printmaking. Her artworks, spanning from vibrant paintings to evocative monotypes, are a testament to her spontaneous and expressive approach. Her artistic vision is deeply intertwined with explorations of the human condition, the complexities of the psyche, as well as the realms of memory, dreams, and myth.

Donna's current artistic journey delves into the landscape as a metaphor, employing it as a conduit to express the inner psychological landscapes through a unique visual language. Her artistic process is a meditative one involving the application of oil paint or oil-based ink. Through repetitive layering and contemplative techniques such as sanding, scratching, and wiping, she gradually shapes and reshapes the marks and colours until they organically converge into landscapes. These landscapes often serve as recollections of physical places or emanate from the recesses of the subconscious. With each work's evolution, a loosely woven narrative begins to emerge. Donna invites viewers to engage with her creations in a personal and interpretative manner, encouraging them to contemplate and reflect upon their own understanding of her art, thus fostering a subconscious connection with the artist herself.

Selected Artworks 2023
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